I just wanted to give some feedback on my experience.

    I have always had red irritated skin, and suffer from eczema on my face and neck from time to time. I have always been so scared to try new products and haven’t had facials before as I have reactive skin.

    A dermatologist recommended I stick to using Cetaphil cleanser and lotion, which felt OK on my skin but I still was always red.

    When I started working at Face Plus Bondi Beach, the girls put me onto Dr Spiller Azulen Cream and my skin has never been this good.

    No more redness and dry areas.

    I had a B Peel done two days ago and my skin is glowing and hydrated. It has honestly changed the way my skin looks and feels and has given me so much confidence.

    Thank you!!!!




    Rowena Campbell





    Hi, I just wanted to give some feedback on the dr spiller skincare range!

    I have suffered acne (yes I say suffered cause at 26yrs old it’s embarrassing!) for about 2 years now and have tried everything “that will get rid of acne”.

    About a year ago I went to one of your stockists (Eden Day Spa in Camden) for a body massage – the lady doing my massage noticed my skin and tried to convince me that Dr Spiller would clear my acne.

    Because I had heard that sentence so many times from skincare specialists and had already spent hundreds of dollars on skincare, I was a little reluctant to give it a go – especially cause its oil based, I was thinking OMG no way.

    Oily skin and using an oily skincare range – what are they thinking!

    My friend who has recently starting reviewing skincare and has started her own blog (skincare blogger) has said many good things about the Dr Spiller range so I trusted her word as she is a very good friend of mine.

    I headed back to Eden Day Spa to get some products. After 1 week of using my new skincare range all I keep saying to myself is – WHY did I not listen to the girl who tried to convince me over a year ago to try these products.

    My face is completely clear after 1 week! I couldn’t even remember what I looked like without a pimple on my face, this skincare range is amazing!

    I will ask my friend to do a review from me on her blog to get the word out there to everyone suffering acne – this is the product to use!

    Well done Dr Spiller – finally a skincare that ACTUALLY works.

    10/10 From an extremely happy fan of this product Yyyyyyy xx





    Dear Sue,

    I just had to send an extensive report on the unbelievable support I received from the TALENTED BDM Cathy Radford.

    Being in the industry for over 10 years I have never ever received such attentive care and support from a BDM. I have worked in the Travel Industry as well where I have been all over the world and had business connections with CEO of Harvey World Travel and Helloworld multi-million dollar franchises and haven’t experienced the level of service that Cathy has produced.

    She is always calling the salon or my personal mobile for updates on our progress and even just for a chat. The instant call back whenever there is a question to be answered or a situation arises it’s so surprising and I’m so thankful she is with Omniderm. Without her knowledge and experience the salon wouldn’t be as successful at such an early stage.
    I have made my monthly target in 10 Days!!!

    We had a launch evening on the 8th October where Cathy even stayed until the end, cleaning up the salon with us till 11pm. The dedication and professionalism demonstrated impressed everyone at the launch from previous clientele to business owners and members of Shoalhaven City council that were present at the night.

    I look at Cathy as a mentor and her strong leadership is what I admire. Whatever Cathy suggested, Bellissima Day Spa implements and we are reaping the benefits.

    Thank you Cathy.

    Kelly Simpson
    Owner Bellissima Day Spa





    Hi there,

    I’ve recently just gone through a massive breakout and so I turned to Dr Spiller products and facials.

    I’ve been absolutely loving it!

    Thanks heaps xx

    Kelly Simpson





    “Clients want high-tech solutions, active ingredients and systems that ensure real results.

    This gave rise to the Face Plus Medusa concept of combining cutting-edge technology, non-surgical treatments & expertly trained technicians in a spa-like environment.

    Ever since opening it has been important for me to offer a bespoke, personalised selection of groundbreaking treatments within a welcoming and luxurious environment.

    I am proud to say the in only a few years we have surpassed our own expectations, and that of our patients.

    Dr Mooney explains that he opened the Bondi Junction medispa with “the foundation of a good skincare line, Dr Spiller biomimetic, which offers high quality natural based ingredients as well as active cosmeceutical ingredients” and then selected only the best technology to deliver result-based outcomes.

    Face Plus Article | Professional Beauty






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