Get that Dr Spiller Glow! To brighten or lighten?

Get that Dr Spiller Glow!
To brighten or lighten?


The last scene in  Sunset Boulevard has always enthralled and captivated film buffs  when fading screen siren Norma Desmond looks straight at t he audience or camera  and calmly says, “All right Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up.” As the camera moves in closer we see Norma in all her glowing glory.

It took multiple takes for that pivotal scene as the makeup and lighting had to be just right. Billy Wilder, the director, wanted the perfect glow to
Norma’s skin creating a halo of perfection.

Yes here at Dr Spiller we know it would be great if we all had lighting directors and makeup artists on hand to make us glow on every occasion. A better option would be to have something similar to Photoshop tools to adjust ourselves physically every time we want to look flawless.

Technology is not at that stage yet but we have the means to look good. It might not be immediate but it is available – good skin care.

By now you must realise that the renewal of skin cells slows as you age and you must give nature a helping hand. Lines alone do not contribute to skin ageing, dullness and uneven skin tone play a huge role.

The remedy for uneven and dull skin is brightening products. Skin brighteners are the new ‘it’ products but there is still confusion over brightening and lightening products.

Brightening products help even out skin tone making it more luminescent and  youthful but they do not address wrinkles. Lightening products tend to lighten skin tone and age spots usually with aid of hydroquinone, a bleaching agent.

Products alone are not enough to make you glow. What you need is a good diet; food rich in Omega3, vitamins A, C and E and selenium, plenty of plain water, a balanced workout routine and a sensible but effective skin care routine by Dr Spiller.

Products to try and explore.

Sues Product Recommendations:
Cucumber Cleanser
Sensitive Toner with Aloe
Jojoba Peeling Cream
De Pigmentator Serum
Vitamin-C Plus Day Cream

How to use these products?
Daily routine: cleanse, tone, exfoliate, intensive serum and moisturise

Why these products?
Cucumber Cleanser to remove any impurities and tighten pores especially in t-zone
Sensitive Toner with Aloe to sooth and calm
Jojoba Peeling Cream to remove flaky skin and polish
De Pigmentator Serum to even and lift dull skin
Vitamin-C Plus Day Cream to renew, hydrate and normalise the skins natural function.