Dr. Spiller Skin Care Expert, Sue Dann on The Dr. Spiller Hydration Difference: How To Get Glowing Winter Skin

           Dr. Spiller Skin Care Expert, Sue Dann

 The Dr. Spiller Hydration Difference: How To Get Glowing Winter Skin



It’s a strange but true fact: without the skin’s acid mantle you would ‘leak’ up to 20 litres of water each day. It’s testimony to how important this invisible protective barrier is – any damage done to the acid msue_dann_on_skin_care_drspillerantle causes your skin to lose moisture at an alarming rate. Common symptoms of dehydration are tightness of the skin, rough skin, diffused redness and sensitivity.

“Winter is a tough test for your acid mantle because external factors, such as wind, cold temperatures alternating with artificial heat all zap moisture from the skin,” says Dr. Spiller Skin Care Expert, Sue Dann. “You need to address this imbalance by protecting your skin against moisture loss with a light oil-based moisturizer.”“Water is constantly moving from the dermis to the epidermis, and then lost to the environment. The main defence to try and retain sufficient moisture in the skin is the acid mantle, a complex mix of sebum, water and some chemicals called natural moisturizing factors,” says Sue Dann.

“It may sound odd at first but exposing the skin to water actually results in dehydration. That’s why fingers go wrinkly if you bathe too long.”The same is true of water-based skin care creams – the skin cannot absorb the water they contain and since the water content in the cream evaporates rapidly your skin can feel even more dehydrated.“The water contained in a water-based moisturizer evaporates so quickly that the skin doesn’t have time to re-establish its own protective barrier of oil and water,” explains Sue. “It all comes down to one simple fact: healthy levels of hydration in the skin are only possible with a light oil-based cream that mimics the skin’s natural acid mantle.”That’s the Dr. Spiller difference – these formulations are high-tech water-in-oil emulsions.

They mimic the skin’s natural acid mantle, supporting and reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier function. Water loss from the skin is reduced to natural, healthy levels ensuring that the skin remains fully hydrated and in top condition throughout the day. Dr. Spiller’s proprietary formulations technology allows the production of oil-based creams with an oil content as low as 19%. They feel very light and penetrate quickly into the skin, leaving it silky soft with a radiant glow.

It’s time to Debunk a persistent skincare myth: Water cannot physically penetrate into the epidermis and hydrate the skin.In fact, like a raincoat, your epidermis works hard to keep water out.

“The only way that our epidermis obtains water is from the inside. It seeps from the dermis into the epidermis,” says Dr. Spiller Skin Care Expert, Sue Dann. “Rather than claiming to deliver water into the skin, a good skin care cream will help the skin retain the skin’s own moisture.”“Think of it like a warm Winter coat – it protects you from the elements and keeps you comfortable,” says Sue Dann. “That’s precisely what a brilliant moisturizer does – it’s an additional protective layer that helps to shield your skin from the harsh Winter elements and supports your skin’s natural acid mantle. And that’s the snug kind of protection your complexion craves in the harsh cold of Winter”.


Winter MUST haves!




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Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk                                     Manaru Body Cream

Sensitive toner with Aloe                                      Manaru Peeling Cream/Exfoliate

Jojoba Peeling Cream

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