How Dr. Spiller's Hydratain is Different

As described in “How Other Ranges Work”, all skin care ranges are either water-based or oil-based. Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic is neither.


Combining the best of both approaches, Dr. Spiller has pioneered this new cream to help you with your skin, in a way that other creams cannot. This innovation is called the Hydratain® emulsion system, but the name is not as important as what it does - read on!


The Hydratain® Emulsion System


As was previously discussed, water-based creams cannot penetrate your skin whilst oil-based can. Oil-based creams however feel heavy, creating a 'film' and not allowing your skin to breath.


However, the unique Hydratain® formula is essentially a combination of what's best in both; a special molecule which forms a 'net' over your skin. The cream feels light and fresh, enabling it to breath and at the same time penetrating your water-proof skin. All whilst providing long lasting hydration and delivery of active-ingredients; resulting in plump, younger looking skin.


And this is the reason it actually works!



Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic in a nutshell: 


  • Dr. Spiller’s Hydratain® emulsions are able to penetrate your water-proof skin resulting in greatly increased hydration
  • Increased and lasting hydration of the skin solves the main causes of skin ageing; dehydration, inflammation and oxidation
  • It is scientifically proven to deliver higher levels of active ingredients into the skin
  • Quite simply, you will be able to feel, smell and see the difference no other product can provide


Ask yourself, is your skin care working for you? Because if not, perhaps it's time to make the switch and join thousands of Australian men & women in working with your skin, not against it.


Hydration of the Skin graph.

Click image to enlarge. Dr. Spiller's hydration compared to water-based skin care.


Dr. Spiller emulsion type

Click image to enlarge. Dr. Spiller Hydratain molecules. Completely unique from regular skin care.


Dr. Spiller's unique Hydratain emulsion

Click image to enlarge. A magnified Hydratain molecule, illustrating the molecule of water containing active ingredients, surrounded by the molecule of oil with its unique patented netting.